Knots are an important skill for everyone, especially when working on the patrol. Here is a list of the knots that need to be memorized and links to how to tie them in order to be on the patrol.

  1. Clove Hitch
    1. Clove Hitch (end)
    2. Clove Hitch (loops)
  2. Double Fisherman's
  3. Girth Hitch
  4. Prusik Knot
  5. Trucker's Hitch
  6. Water Knot
  7. Square Knot
  8. Figure 8
    1. Directional Figure 8 Loop
    2. Figure 8 Follow Loop
  9. Tensionless Hitch
  10. Munter Hitch
    1. Super Munter Hitch
  11. Daisy Chain
  12. Bowline
  13. Alpine Butterfly
  14. Double Overhand


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